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I ensure that every client learns tools and strategies to tackle their personal challenges and life transitions.

Therapy is a didactic experience through which participants gain a deeper understanding of their unique perspective of the world and have the opportunity to implement new strategies for success in their everyday lives. For some this looks like having a safe place to go to process their feelings about life transitions, relationships, or past/future events; for others this looks like learning specific techniques to resolve problems in the here-and-now.


Family Conflict   •   Life Transitions   •   Dealing with Serious Illness   •   Stress     Anxiety   •   Depression   •   Couples therapy   •   Loss and Grief  •   Trauma

Individual Counselling

Discover your source of inner confidence & personal fulfillment.

Individual counselling starts with intake to get to know each other, discover what led you to reach out now and explore expectations for counselling. Together, specific goals will be explored as well as a plan for achieving those goals.

The individual counselling sessions have at their foundation the goal of helping each person function at his or her best. We aim to help each individual attain more complete self understanding; develop skills for improving relationships; find new ways to cope with stress and anxiety; improve communication skills; break negative and self-destructive patterns; increase career satisfaction; and, increase self-compassion.

Couples Counselling

Resolve conflict, regain confidence.

Taking the time to honor yourself and your partnership through couple’s therapy can help build communication, trust, and strength.

Couples therapy can be necessary to help develop better communication skills, resolve conflict and create healthy, more flexible boundaries between loved ones. Most couples are driven to therapy because of a crisis such as a divorce, loss or repetitive fighting. Couples therapy can help resolve old patterns of interacting and create space for healthy rewarding connection.

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